Hunters & Members

"For I was hungry and you gave me food."

A Call to All Sportsmen

South Carolina Hunters and Landowners for the Hungry (HLFH) provides deer hunters in South Carolina a great opportunity to help themselves, their sport, and people in need in our state. Your participation, either financially or through the donation of venison, can accomplish many worthwhile goals:

  • The donation you make will assist in feeding those in need within your local area.
  • Positive publicity is generated for hunters and the tradition of hunting.
  • The annual deer harvest in South Carolina can be used effectively and more efficiently by eliminating wasted meat.
  • The annual deer harvest not only allows us to provide our services, but also helps to control and maintain the deer population in the state.

Each deer donated
has a huge impact
in our fight
against hunger

The Next Step

We simply ask that you drop us a note about your interest.  Someone from our board will contact you with details about your role in our organization.