Feeding The Hungry

As of 2016 nearly, 1 in 7 SC residents were severely affected by hunger, with some areas reaching 1 in 4 without an adequate supply of food. As an organization, we view adequate food and nutrition as a basic human necessity and are devoted to making a change in South Carolina. We work to connect local processors, food banks, and social agencies to supply meat and other goods to those in need.

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Uniting Hunters

South Carolina is abundant with natural resources that can help our organization reach its goal. The venison given by the hunters and processors who choose to work with SC Hunters for the Hungry provides a substantial source of protein to families in need within our state.

Our organization is always looking for new hunters to help support our cause.

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Connecting Partners

The service provided through SC Hunters for the Hungry would not be possible without the help of local processors, churches, and food banks.

Processors prepare and package donated venison which will be delivered to those in need by our local church and social agency partners.

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2023 Gun Give-Away

Raffle is closed


Winners must contact Tammy or Michelle at Cabela’s/BassPro in Greenville beginning Thursday,
December 14 to pick up their gun in person or have it shipped (charges may apply).

Cabela’s phone number is: 864-516-8100.

1. S & W Shield .380 ACP Pistol Dan Johnson
2. S & W Shield M 2.0 9MM Luger Chuck Landers
3. S & W Equalizer 9MM Luger Dan Williamson
4. Ruger Security 9MM Luger Herm Cruz
5. Beretta M9A4 9MM Luger Kevin Drake
6. Henry .22 LR Survival Rifle Jerry Cash
7. Benelli Nova 12 Gauge Bobby Overstreet
8. CZ Teal .410 Shotgun Scott Gibson
9. CZ Teal 20 Gauge Mary Edmonds
10. Savage B17 .17HMR Justin Fogle
11. Ruger 10/22 .22 LR Bill Kennedy
12. Ruger American .308 Winchester Joe Putman
13. Tikka T3X 6.5 Creedmoor Elaine Walden
14. Tikka T3K .300 Win Mag Mary Jane Irwin
15. Henry H001T Lever Action .22 Dustin Hawthorn
16. Savage MarkII .22 LR Joey Freese
17. Savage 110 PRC 6.5 Tina Owens
18. Winchester SXP 20 Gauge Jeff Burda
19. Winchester SXP 12 Gauge Adam Morrow
20. Wetherby MarkV .300 Mag Josh Brown
21. Browning AB3 6.5 Creedmoor Luke Pence
22. Browning AB3 .308 Winchester Tully Brewer
23. Browning X-Bolt .270 Win Josh Brown
24. Browning AB3 6.5 Creedmoor Tully Brewer
25. CVA Optima V2 Muzzleloader Jason Price

Venison Snack Stick for Backpacks

Venison snack sticks for backpack programs in South Carolina

SC Hunters for the Hungry and the National Deer Association are initiating a program of donating venison snack sticks to children’s backpack programs across the state of South Carolina. Feeding children is always a good cause. Please help our mission by donating today. We are a 100% volunteer organization. All funds go towards feeding needy people. ALL DONATIONS ARE TAX DEDUCTIBLE.

Free venison snack sticks for hungry children

Emergency Need

If you are aware of a desperate need for food in your community, please reach out now!

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SPARTANBURG – The Spartanburg County Foundation awarded $109,837 in capacity-building grants to 14 nonprofit organizations working to improve the lives of Spartanburg County residents across all seven Spartanburg Community Indicator Areas: Civic Health, Cultural Vitality, Economy, Education, Natural Environment, Public Health, and Social Environment.

Each year, The Spartanburg County Foundation trustees set an unrestricted budget from The Community Fund and a partnership of other funds to award grants to nonprofit organizations serving Spartanburg County.

“We are very excited to be investing into these nonprofits by providing capacity-building grants,” said Troy Hanna, President and CEO of The Spartanburg County Foundation. “While the purpose of each grant varies in scope, all of the grants will be used to help further the missions of these organizations and increase their charitable impact throughout the greater Spartanburg County community.”

  • South Carolina Hunters and Land Owners for the Hungry is the recipient of a $3,500 grant to redesign its website. South Carolina Hunters and Land Owners for the Hungry coordinate the distribution of venison from hunters to individuals in need via an integrated network of meat processors and food banks. The organization also provides nonperishable items to families in need twice per month at its distribution center in Pacolet, SC.