Frequently Asked Questions

How does a family request assistance?

Fill out an application on line.

Mail it to

Hunters for the Hungry
507 Amelia Ave.
Spartanburg S.C. 29302.

How does our agency or church get involved?

Please email our organization at

How does a hunter become a member?

Donate any legally  harvested deer or wild hog to a participating processor

Where do I take the deer I just shot?

Please click here to see a list of participating processors in your area.

I would like to volunteer with your organization.

We would love to have you volunteer.

Please email us at schuntersforthehungry@gmail .com for more information.

South Carolina Meat and Meat Food Regulations and Inspection Law of 1967.

SECTION 47-17-30. Antemortem and postmortem inspections; quarantine, segregation, and reinspection; condemnation of unwholesome livestock and meat.

(a) For the purpose of preventing the entry into or movement in intrastate commerce of any livestock carcass, part thereof, meat food product or meat by-product which is unwholesome or adulterated and is intended for or capable of use as human food, the Director shall, where and to the extent considered by him necessary, cause to be made by inspectors antemortem inspection of livestock in any official establishment where livestock is slaughtered.

Read the full law here: